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  • Carolyn Jefferson

Welcome to Behind Closed Doors

I was five and one half years old, when I walked into Mrs. Addie Simon’s first thru third grade classroom in the piney woods of East Texas. Filled with the teary fear of any first grader, I learned a lesson that would stick with me for the rest of my life. The room was in perfect order. Not a single thing was out of place and it was spic’-n-span from the ceiling to the floor. A well scrubbed Miss Addie stood at the front of the room greeting us. She held a crisp white handkerchief and wore a starched dress that had been ironed to perfection. On the wall behind her, atop the blackboard a sign read, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” That scene on my first day of public school was the kindling that set ablaze my passion for clean and orderly environments. That first school year in Miss Addie’s classroom embedded in my very soul the idea that having everything orderly and in its place, allows goals to be accomplished and that cleanliness lifts the spirit and reflects the values and high standards intrinsic to living well.

In the decades since that September morning, I have worked religiously to attain the wonder of Miss Addie’s classroom. More often than not, I have missed the goal in my own home. Yet, I see the truth of the lesson repeated over and over again in my work with Behind Closed Doors as I help clients create their perfect place to live, love and grow. Each time a home is completed, I am reminded of the value of my work which resonates in the tag-line of one of my favorite charities (Dwell with Dignity), “What you come home to matters.”

My vision for bcdHOME (healthy, orderly, memorable environments) is to dispense information about the process, the materials, the products and the craftspeople that are available to aid in the creation of healthy, orderly and memorable living environments. I will write about the things and people that inspire me and allow me to grow as a designer/space planner. As plans progress, you will watch the slow and arduous job of renovating my home of thirty plus years. But, the most significant value I hope to convey in this blog will be stories of the creative people, places, products and services that are in the market when planning and designing an inspired and comfortable home.

The plan is in place. Subscribe “NOW” to follow the development.

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